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    PurchasedSales Alert - Lifetime Club(Lifetime)Ralph G Guldenschuh

    We run both a consumer and B2B section on the same site.
    It would be great if in the pro version that we could create a different pop up for different sections of our site. Such as, we have eyeglasses products, and would like to create for the pages in the Eyewear Needs category, and all sub categories, a popup that targeted just eye wear accessories and not our other LOB, grease guns and oilers. Perhaps we could create multiple name lists and assign them a name then when we turn on a popup, we can select name lists to use for that pop up instead of a single comprehensive list. Turning back to our site, women tend to purchase eyeglasses accessories at a much higher rate than men and as such, having the pop up show that Butch purchased a plastic eyeglasses case is not as believable as Julia purchasing it. Conversely, Julia purchasing a grease gun is less likely than Butch doing so. I think you get my point here. Thanks, Greg Guldenschuh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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