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Here I am guiding you to fix this common error in WordPress which you get especially while installing premium WordPress themes.

Actually, this error is encountered because you are installing the wrong theme file. When you install WordPress theme it first checks if the zip file you are installing contains style.css file , if it doesn’t find that file then you will get the error.

How To Fix The Error

If you are installing the premium WordPress theme, most of the theme authors provide you with bundled zip which contains other files in the downloaded zip including the actual theme zip. To fix the error just follow these steps

  • Unzip the main bundle that you have downloaded.
  • After extracting the main bundle you will get the actual installable theme.
  • Upload the installable theme zip file.

The above images are just an example of the theme bundle and actual installable theme zip file.

This is common error while installing premium WordPress themes, if you follow the above mentioned steps you can easily fix the error. If you still can’t install the theme after following above steps then there is something wrong with the theme. In such case you should contact the theme author.

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