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Elementor is a drag and drop page builder plugin which helps to build a page easily with a perfect user interface. Elementor is the fastest-growing page builder today. Due to its advanced page building feature and user-friendly interface it is loved by many WordPress users in comparison with other page builders. Many Free as well as Premium WordPress Themes were using Elementor to make their theme more flexible and powerful with custom designs made from it.
Not only page, but we can also build any other components that are needed for a website with Elementor builder. In the Premium version of Elementor, there is Header Footer Builder, Popup Builder, and many dynamic features. So in this article, we are going to find out how to build header and footer from Elemntor builder. Some of the themes provide options to choose the Elementor builder page as a header and footer. Some of the free themes that provide header footer builders with Elementor are Arrival, Opstore Lite, Arrival Me, Ocean WP, etc.
Let’s have a look at how these themes support the Elementor template as a header and footer. We have taken Opstore Lite theme for an example.

Steps to create header and footer from Elementor Builder:

  • Go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New then type Opstore Lite and install the theme. Opstore Lite is a Powerful eCommerce theme and can be used for multipurpose eCommerce stores. After that, install the Elementor plugin.
  • Now we need to create a template from Elementor.

Note: There are two template types, Page and Section in the Elementor and we have to choose Page while creating a template.

  • After Creating a Page Template, you will be inside the Elementor builder. If you got some extra stuff like default header, sidebar, etc then you need to change the page template to Elementor Canvas.
  • After choosing Elementor canvas, you will get a clean space and let’s get started to build your header with the builder.

You can use the Elements from the Opstore Theme and default Elementor to build your header or footer.

After creating the header, just click on the publish button to save your header or footer.

Assigning Elementor Built Header or Footer to your site:

Not every theme provides the option to choose a custom build header and footer. But we have some of the most feature reached, multipurpose and powerful themes that provide you such an awesome option. In this example, we have used Opstore Lite Theme which provides us such an option. If you are using this theme then here are the steps to assign your Elementor template to your site header or footer.

  • Go to your Dashboard > Customize > Header Settings > Header Layout then choose custom layout and you will get a drop-down list with templates that you created from Elementor.

Wow! We are finally done. Now the created Header is applied on our site.

It is also very easy to edit your header and footer if you need to change some content on it. If you are logged in, a black bar appears at the top of your page called the admin bar. There you can see Edit with Elementor tab. Just Hover in it and you will get drop down of header and footer template names. Click here and you are directed to the Elementor builder to edit your Header or Footer.

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